Tapping or EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) is a simple, easy to use method to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns and by doing that allows us to improve health and quality of life in general.
EFT has its roots in Chinese medicine thousands of years ago, but in its modern form was developed by Gary Craig in 1995.

His famous “Discovery Statement” says that the cause of all negative emotions is disruption in the body’s energy system. Distressing thought or memory triggers a disruption in energy body (creating blocks in long term). That can be compared with ‘short circuit’ in electrical systems. The flow of energy is disrupted and that is the real cause of negative emotions that in long term can manifest on physical level of our body as illness. If memory or thought does not cause a disruption in body`s energy system, the negative emotion cannot occur. When the flow of the energy is strong and smooth, we experience positive emotions.

Our energy system consists of meridians through which energy flows. In acupuncture to restore energy flow, needles are used. EFT also aims to restore energy flow, but without needles and is pain free.

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How to tap