10 Ways to uplift your heart

It’s not a secret that what we focus on expands. Our energy goes where our attention is. Intellectually we know that, yet it’s not easy to uplift ourselves when we are down. That feeling low might be part of unresolved grief or trauma, or simply consequence of a stressful day at work, unending and overwhelming ‘to do’ list, an argument with a partner, kids, etc.

Even if in the middle of that we remember that it probably would be good idea to focus on something positive, right there and then nothing comes in mind that would help to shift the perspective. We feel blank. Because then it’s too late to try to figure out positives.

What I find works for me and my clients is Plan B. That is a list of activities or things you can do to lift yourself up.

It’s really important to prepare that list when you feel good, full of inspiration and creativity. It’s like filling in your bank of ‘rising spirit’ ideas. And it’s an ongoing process where you add things again and again.

One way to create such bank is fill a glass jar with separate notes and in time of need just take one after another until you get the one that is satisfying for that moment.

Or it can simply be a list of things on paper where you constantly add.
Another idea is keeping a small notebook.

So what are those things that you can write as ideas for ‘uprising your spirit’? It’s really individual, but the basic principle is this – whatever makes you feel better.

To help your creative juices flowing, here is my top list of Plan B.

Evenings in East Bridgford - the source of calm and beauty always.

Evenings in East Bridgford – the source of calm and beauty always.

1. “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Kahlil Gibran

Go For a Walk. This one always, always works for me. Recently I talked to a lady who was deeply grieving the loss of her husband and she said that long walks – often 3-5 hours a day – was what kept her sane. It doesn’t have to be that long, but being in nature walking is one of the greatest healing activities.

2. Listen to a guided meditation. I have a folder on computer and on phone with a choice of different ones. (By the way – when you sign up for my ebook at the right corner of this page, the bonus gift also is a guided meditation.)

3. Read something uplifting. It can be poetry, novels, self-help guides, even quotes. Put your favourite books aside on the shelf so that you can find them easily. Or have a list of favourite ones from your kindle library.

4. Play with your pet. Maybe simply stroke it. Animals feel our emotions and are great at the times of the needed comfort.

5. Call a friend. Choose a friend who would listen to you and hold the space for you rather than immediately trying to give you an advice in attempts to avoid yours and their own pain.

 6. Watch a good comedy. Laughter is the best medicine, they say and I totally agree with that. Keep your favourite DVDs or a list of movies to choose from somewhere reachable. Laugh Concept Metal Letterpress Word in Drawer

7. Take a hot bath or a shower. Water is very purifying and it’s easy to imagine how standing under the shower along with the water all the negative emotions are rinsed away too. Use some nice oils, candles in the bathroom, or put some salts in water.

8. Hug. Hug a person you love and that can be yourself too. If you are with another person and you don’t feel like talking, it’s ok to say: ‘I don’t want to talk right now, but can you just hug me and hold me for at least 20 seconds?’ Then counting can add the fun element to it. Ask them to be there for you. Be the receiver of the hug.

9. Listen to the music you love. Choose tracks that usually brighten you up. In your preparation of this list be very specific regarding composers, songs, singers, groups, etc.

10. Do tapping or any other energy technique. They do wonders. You can download my report on benefits and how to do tapping here.

I would love to hear what you include in your Plan B. Please, comment below and share!

PS. Did I mention what Plan A is? – Breathe!

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